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Why is Good Friday Good?

Good Friday… A day that is meant to reflect the biggest sacrifice that can ever be made, death, a brutal, violent death, on a cross… It’s called “Good” Friday, but we seem to focus on the mourning, on the loss, on the saddest parts of that day. Evoking emotions that propel us to feel a certain way towards this Jesus that died for us, and emotion that then gets swept up in the following days of celebration of Easter. Now joy, a risen Christ…

Monday Musings with Julie

If you’re reading, thank you for joining Monday Musings with Julie for a recap of Sundays sermon and how we can apply it to our lives!

Over the next few weeks, Ray will be speaking about Embracing Hope and Rejecting Fear in our lives and where we can find guidance on this in scripture.

This week we’re going to look at what it looks like to reject fear and declare Gods promises over our lives.




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