Why is Good Friday Good?

Good Friday… A day that is meant to reflect the biggest sacrifice that can ever be made, death, a brutal, violent death, on a cross… It’s called “Good” Friday, but we seem to focus on the mourning, on the loss, on the saddest parts of that day. Evoking emotions that propel us to feel a certain way towards this Jesus that died for us, and emotion that then gets swept up in the following days of celebration of Easter. Now joy, a risen Christ…

As I reflect on Good Friday, I’m wondering if we’re missing something. It is in fact called “Good Friday”, but why? We always think of the good as the idea of now having the opportunity of forgiven sins, and eternal life… I still think we’re missing something. We’re missing the heart of Good Friday.

The act of sacrifice, the heart of what was done on that day, was propelled by love, a love so unimaginable that some of us don’t believe in it. A love so great that some of us run from it. A love so pure that some of us can’t believe we’re good enough for it.  A love so true that when we catch it and believe, it thrusts us into a dark world and pushes us to love others with that same love.

This love that drove a man named Jesus, that was fully capable of stopping his death, to allow himself to be sacrificed… Yes, the death was brutal, yes it was for us, yes He rose again… The reason for all of this, the only part of His story that matters, is that what He did was born out of love. One that we can’t emulate, one that we can’t compare to, one that we can’t offer to others but through Him.

I am broken, my life is messy, filled with mistakes and ugly truths about me… I fail every single day… I am loved, my life is sweet, filled with redemption and beautiful truths about who I am, I get to start over every single day.

You are broken, we are broken, our world is broken… Good Friday isn’t just about tradition and honoring the day the sacrifice was made, Good Friday is about love. A love that offered death in a dark world, so that the chances of light were real.

This love is worth celebrating, this love is worth grabbing hold of. This love is the only reason we have a Good Friday, and an Easter Sunday. This love brings joy not sorrow, grace not condemnation, peace not chaos…

My hope for you is that today, you have the opportunity to know how loved you are, and that you have the chance to choose joy.




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